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Resolve Lifestyle Stress: 4 Simple Tips

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Tired of Crisis-Managing Your Life?

Resolve lifestyle stress with these simple tips.

1. Pick your top "symptom." What bugs you the most? That's what you really want to find out. A symptom can be anything, quite literally, that you don't like:

  • An annoying squeak at the back end of your car
  • Frequent headaches
  • Your pants are too tight
  • You cringe when the phone rings — it might be a bill collector
  • You're up late working (again) when you should be in bed

Pick the one area of your life that bugs you the most. Just one. [Once you've handled that, you can always pick another.]

2. Think backwards. Picture it finished. Write it down.

Create a mental picture of what things will be like when your symptom is resolved. Translate that picture into a few words or sentences that you record in a journal or notebook.

Then ask yourself one critical question: "Am I there right now?"

Of course not, or it wouldn't be bugging you. But no problem. We're about to resolve that little dilemma. What needs to happen first? Write it down.

Then ask: "Can I do that immediately?"

No? No problem. What needs to happen first? Write it down.

Keep going until you get to something you can do right away (tomorrow at the latest). Now you have a plan. All you need to do is follow the steps you just laid out.

3. Plan horizontally. You didn't just make a "to-do" list, did you? If you did, you're going to really love this tip.

Scrap the "to-do" list and make a flow-chart.

Here's why. When you make a vertical list of all the stuff you have to do, your mind thinks you've got to deal with all of it at once. It's overwhelming! So overwhelming that you may just scrap the whole project.

Do yourself a favor and scrap the vertical list instead. Write your plan out horizontally in the approximate order you need to get things done. Your mind will now see that it's possible to achieve your goal by taking just one little step at a time.

And you can do that.

4. Schedule it now. You know that planner that sits on your desk? Maybe you carry it around with you. Maybe it's a PDA. Maybe it hangs on the wall.

Whatever you use to keep track of important dates and appointments, take it out right now. [On the off chance you don't have a calendar, please get one.]

Write in the steps you just worked out on the flow chart. Pick an appropriate time to make that phone call, get to the home improvement store, spend a few minutes on the Internet, or whatever your project requires.

Schedule each step. In writing. On your calendar. In other words, make an appointment with yourself to complete the task. Treat this appointment as you would any other important commitment.

Now your mind not only knows what you've got to do in order to resolve the biggest symptom of your life. It also knows when you're going to do it.

You should be feeling a lot better already.

Support for your Healthy Lifestyle

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'Transform Stress' guide:
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Six tips to get your life back.
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Participants say:

"I've learned that with intention & focus I can get closer to my goal. Also that I need to keep re-evaluating as my goal may not be what I really want."

— Diane P
Bismarck, ND

"I have more energy in all areas of my life and I am more willing to take risks."

[She's too modest to mention that she's also lost 17
pounds as of this writing.]

— Mary Susan
Alamosa, CO

"I felt empowered to complete this project and as I saw results coming I got excited. There is a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in living that I hadn't known before. My positive attitude and proactive approach to problem solving has affected the morale of the whole family!"

— George L,
Minot, ND

"I’m more selective of how I spend my time. If I want to be valued, I must first value myself."

— Kathy J,
Westhope, ND

"Once the ‘creative juices’ were flowing, other areas of my life received creative ideas as well."

— Penny B,
Troy, MI

"I learned that I have choices – I’m not under some other power that makes me eat."

— Marita H,
Minot, ND

"I think she really understands the psychology in people, in terms of figuring out reasons why we don't accomplish what we want to accomplish."

— Pamela S
Bloomfield, MI

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