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Less Stress; More Time Part 2 of 4

Lesson 2: Consult an expert — you!

resolve stressThe trouble starts. You do what all good school-children have been trained to do. You look for an expert to fix it.

You may think, well, this person is a counselor, that person is a financial advisor, and the next person is a doctor. Fine. They'll share what they know about relationships, money, or medicine. Those opinions can be extremely valuable. Tapping into an expert resource can save you literally a ton of time!

But an outside expert is rarely the best person to tell you what to do. No matter how much knowledge they have about their subject, they are not you. Their suggestions come from one of three perspectives: what they've been taught, what they've observed with other people in similar situations, or what they think they might do if they were you. These views can be invaluable. But they will never be yours.

Result: Either you get great advice and don't take it because your mind argues that "the expert might be wrong." Or you blindly follow the expert advice you think you heard, no matter how odd. Should things go bad, you blame them. "It's not my fault," you lament. "I did what they said."

Bottom line: You don't understand the complicated subject as well as the expert. But the expert, no matter how brilliant, can never know every detail about your life. You do. You're the one in the shoes at the check-out line. Both perspectives count.

Solution: Tune in to your own intuitive problem-solving side. You'll need to cultivate objectivity and creative thinking. A creative "hit" feels very different from your normal rational logic. It may also be outside your comfort zone. Just remember this: nobody else can live your life any better than you can.

"You have to see the solution for yourself. If somebody else figures the problem out for you, there will always be a little part of you that suspects they didn’t get it right. No matter who they are.

" Yet when you have the 'aha' for yourself, you get it. Right."

— Incubate your best solution:
How to answer perplexing life questions by connecting with your inner voice of wisdom.


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