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Interpretation & Scoring:
Holistic Health Self-Care Quiz
for parents, caregivers, volunteers, and service professionals

Plug in your totals from the Self Care Quiz here:

What stands in your way?
Add your totals from each section below: Doing well Needs attention

Notice common themes that come up in the "What's in your way?" column, and how often. Your answers might go like this: too busy, no time, can't afford it...

1: Personal Care    

Theme #1:

2: Dependents' Care     Theme #2: #:
3: Personal Environment     Theme #3: #:

4: Professional Environment

    Theme #4:



Your score equals your "Doing Well" total minus your "Needs Attention" total. There are 42 points possible.

What's your score? _______

If you notice the same themes coming up more than once or twice, place your attention there to get your life back in balance.

Interpretation: This quiz is intended to promote self-awareness. There is no right or wrong score. In general, the higher your score in the points section, the more balanced your lifestyle.

Consider your experience here successful if you have accomplished these two things:

  1. You've gained awareness into one or more areas of your life that would benefit from more careful attention.
  2. You've gained awareness into one or more beliefs, activities, or behaviors that typically get in the way of the balanced lifestyle you desire.


So Now What???

Perhaps at this point you're inspired to take a stand for your self-care.
I sincerely hope so. Nobody else will ever do it quite as well as you can!

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Important: This quiz is part of a self-help strategy for making healthy choices.
It is not scientifically validated.
Please consult your doctor before making abrupt changes in diet and exercise or if you have a medical concern.

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