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Isn't energy medicine just a hoax?

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Isn't this talk of "energy medicine" just a bunch of foo-foo? I mean really — if I can't see it or touch it, then it must not be real.

Consider other areas of your life in which you are able to see the results of something without seeing the process that makes it happen — for example your cell phone, TV remote control, car starter, or wireless Internet connection. We live in a world where energy is king. I can't explain how my wireless Internet connection operates, but I use it and it works. I don't have to understand the details to appreciate its value.

Having said that, there are several identifiable mechanisms to explain how holistic influences affect your body. Things like vibrational frequency, hormone changes, and energy congestion. They're clear enough to people who have the expertise to understand them, just like there are people who understand my Internet connection.

While it may be true that you personally don't understand how holistic influences affect your health, that is most likely due lack of information than anything else. If you'd like to learn more, here is a short selection of consumer titles you might consider reading:

In You Can Heal Your Life, author Louise Hay describes, in very plain language, her experience of healing herself from cancer by changing a destructive emotional pattern. She offers practical suggestions for doing the same yourself. You won't find a lot of science here, just inspiration.

Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss' first major publication is one of her best. In The Creation of Health, she teams up with Dr. Norman Shealy to offer insight into how specific life events create specific health challenges. Myss' rationale is both clear and consistently validated by Shealy's medical diagnoses. Multiple case histories make this readable book's point nearly impossible to miss.

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, James Oschman, a scientist, fills in the gaps for people who want to understand the "hows" and "whys" of how energy changes the body. One of my favorite sections explains how emotions create change in the muscular and skeletal systems – a topic which most other authors tend to ignore. (Candace Pert wrote the forward, the book is by Dr. Oschman.)

Candace Pert's own groundbreaking book, Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way You Feel, offers scientific validation for the way emotions change the chemical structure of your body. A scientist, Dr. Pert writes in a very accessible, conversational style that makes this fact-filled book easy to read.

In The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter And Miracles, Bruce Lipton explains his ground-breaking research that demonstrates how our beliefs change our bodies – right down to the DNA. Dr. Lipton explains how thoughts change the physical structure of your cells. A passionate communicator, this scientist's work is not to be missed!

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