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Restore My (Holistic) Health Links

Center for Non-Violent Communication - Informational website with a healthy communication theme. Definitely worth checking out!

Christina of Encinitas - Developing a stronger connection with your own intuition is an integral part of the WordCures healthy living program. Sometimes, however, another view can be quite enlightening! If you'd like to have an absolutely wonderful, insightful, and spiritually-attuned reading, please consider a session with Christina. You'll be glad you did!

Christine’s Cleanse Corner – Everything you’ll need to do a physical cleansing process. Christine herself is an expert cleanse coach. Lots of information and resources!

Freeze-Framer - The HeartMath people offer this tool to help you handle touchy emotions in a more healthy way.

The National Wellness Institute offers an intriguing view that includes 6 dimensions of wellness. A good place to start if you're still perplexed about where to start!

Nelson-Bach USA - Here's where you get Bach Flower Essences to support your empowered state!

Savvy Patients - Integrative Medicine on the Internet - Imagine my delight when I "accidentally" found this website! You'd spend days or even weeks searching out the content they've cataloged on your own. Please don't. Just be smart and take in their excellent content.

Self Improvement from - is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement on the Internet.

Sounds True specializes in audio learning programs on topics related to healing and spirituality.

Three Dimensional Vitality - Offers Biblical Health Coaching, a 3D living newsletter and Purium health products.

Wellness of Scandinavia - People keep asking me where to get the awesome hand and foot salve from Wellness of Scandinavia. Now it's easy. Just click the link. While you're there, check out the Relaxation Room and Julie's other products.

Healthy Home & Garden Links

Visit - The Leading Home Improvement and Remodeling Website Featuring the Internet's Largest Hardware Superstore  

Gardener's Supply Company – environmentally friendly gardening & landscaping supplies.

Shop for Home and Outdoor products at! In addition to yoga & fitness products, Gaiam offers environmentally friendly home products like garbage bags, tissue, cleansers, etc. – environmentally friendly gardening supplies. Be sure to check out CocoPeat (comes in 2 sizes) – use the same way as good ol’ peat moss, but this product is made from coconut husks (a renewable resource).

OxiClean! – environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Water Filters Choose from a wide variety of water filters, including shower and whole house systems.

Get-In-Shape Links

Shop for Health products at! Gaiam offers a variety of healthy living products to help you get in shape – including a beginner yoga kit and beginner balance ball kit.

US Government Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information on Diet, Health, and Fitness offers free information to help you keep from getting scammed by fraudulent weight-loss claims and products.

US Government’s Setting Goals for Healthy Weight Loss (.pdf)

US Government publication on Choosing a Weight-Loss Program (.pdf)

The US Department of Health and Human Services • National Institutes of Health also offers a handy Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator to help you determine a healthy weight-to-height ratio.

The US Government website My Pyramid offers suggestions for healthy nutrition and balancing food intake with your activity level.

Teeter Hang-Ups specializes in high-quality inversion products. These are the products I recommend to clients and use myself. Note: not for use while pregnant or if you have certain health conditions such as high blood pressure or glaucoma. If you are under medical care, please check with your doctor before ordering inversion products.

Abundance & Healthy Business Links

1 Shopping Cart is one of the most-used integrated e-commerce packages among independent online merchants. That’s because they have an excellent product! You’ll find it in use on this website.

Constant Contact – To stay in touch with your online network, consider this extremely reliable email service.

Google Adwords Course – learn how to use this traffic-building strategy to your best advantage with Perry Marshall’s Adwords Course.

Making Money with AdSense – learn about Google’s AdSense and other contextual advertising programs with Joel Comm.

Nightingale-Conant specializes in audio learning programs for personal and business development.

The Super-Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner is a great place to learn about matching other people’s products with the online consumers who need them – while creating a profit center yourself.

The United States Government’s Small Business Adminstration has great advice for new business owners, much of it free.

When Income Affects Outcome: Socioeconomic Status and Health – short, informative article on the connection between income and health status (.pdf).

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