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Can't I handle this healthy lifestyle myself?

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Shouldn't I be able to do this healthy lifestyle thing myself?

How often have I heard it? How often have you thought it? That big question, "Shouldn't I be able to do this myself?"

As in, "I should be able to lose this weight myself." Or "I should be able to get the house cleaned up myself." Or "I should be able to take care of this back pain myself." Or "...whatever."

Here's the thing. Ultimately, you have to do it yourself. You're the one who has to get on the exercise bike, choose the salad over the fries, call your sister to apologize for forgetting her birthday, decide what gets pitched from the family room, and so on. Nobody's gonna do it for you.

But you don't have to do it by yourself. In fact, you can't. How do I know that? Because if you had the skills, tools, motivation, beliefs, and perspective you need to do it, you would have done it already.

You have created your current lifestyle out of the skills, tools, motivation, beliefs, and perspective you have now. They served you (or whomever you learned them from) at one time. Yet perhaps they aren't serving you now.

The solution? Find a resource to provide fresh, new ideas and perspectives. Preferably in a format that enables you to interact with a live person. They'll help you discover how to create that healthy lifestyle you desire — yourself.

You'll do yourself proud!

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