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Your doctor knows about it. He or she knows you have to deal with it. He knows it’s the single most important factor influencing your health and quality of life. Yet he won’t teach you what to do about it... (more on this later.)

How to grab health-robbing, life-stopping
STRESS by the tail and become its master – –

– turning it from a liability into an asset
– and virtually assuring that you have all the power you need
to suck every ounce of satisfaction you could possibly want
out of life

Dear Frenzied Health Seeker:

What’s the single most important factor that stands between you and your:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Financial Security
  • And Satisfaction with Life?

I’ll give you a hint. This one factor, if unaddressed, can:

  • Suppress your immune system
  • Create heart disease
  • Degrade your posture
  • Decrease your effectiveness as a problem-solver
  • And make you fat.

Which, in turn, will leave you vulnerable to:

  • Early death
  • Physical disability
  • Financial loss from medical bills
  • Financial loss from inability to be effective at work
  • Guilt about mis-managing your life
  • Guilt about leaving loved ones behind
  • Disappointment that you can’t fulfill your dreams
  • Physical pain
  • Looking older than your chronological age
  • Inability to keep up recreational activities
  • Loss of mental alertness
  • Inability to solve problems effectively
  • Self-consciousness about personal appearance
  • Compromised personal relationships
  • And more.

The answer?


Now unless I miss my guess, you’re smarter than the average guy or gal running around out there in life.

Why do I say that?

Well, it should be obvious! Unless you were actively searching for solutions to this perplexing problem, you wouldn’t be reading this page!

This page didn’t fall down out of the sky onto your desk. You had to be looking for it. That tells me that you’ve already got the #1 quality most likely to have you succeed in mastering a challenge, whether you’re facing a problem with health, relationships, finances, or creative fulfillment / satisfaction with life.

You’re proactive. You know there’s a solution out there. And you’re determined to find it.

'Transform Stress' guide:
Stressors that steal your health —
Six tips to get your life back.
And a weekly gentle reminder.


We respect your privacy.
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In fact, I’d say you’re a lot like me! More important, I’m a lot like you. I was once a Frenzied Seeker myself ... relentless in my pursuit of the solutions I knew had to be out there.

They were. I found them. They work. If you like, I’ll share them with you. In fact, here’s the first revelation right now.

Dealing with stress is a skill.

Perhaps you feel, like I once did, just a bit sheepish at having to admit you don’t already know this stuff.

You should, shouldn’t you?

Remember that class you took in school, "Dealing with life’s little problems 101?"

Or maybe your school offered, "What to do when a bully thinks his stuff is more important than yours 102?"

Or, "How to throw off the mistaken belief that you can’t get what you really want in life 203?"

What? You didn’t take those classes? Well then, just cancel your sheepishness contract and prepare to learn!

Dealing with stress is a skill. And skills can be learned, practiced, and polished to near-perfection by anyone who has a strong desire.

"Stress" defined

You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m using the term "stress" pretty freely. It’s a broad term. So let me tell you exactly what I mean. In my world, stress is:

any way of responding to life in which
emotion over-shadows reason,
causing your options to be unfairly limited.

And I do mean unfairly. When you pull over to the side of the road of life and let stress take the wheel, you don’t do justice to your potential. You simply don’t give yourself a fair chance!

Let’s change that right now, using my simple system. I call it the Ultimate Stress-Buster Kit.

Its purpose is to empower you to live the life you deserve. You’ll have to agree that’s simple, too!

How this system came about

Elizabeth EckertUltimately, I was sidelined by stress myself. Ran head-first into a health problem that forced me to take unplanned time off work, spending many thousands of dollars to get my act together. Which, fortunately, I was able to do.

How did it happen? Easy.

Since I didn’t know how to look at my life objectively, I mistakenly thought that "what I knew must be true." Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Since I didn’t know how to find my own inner voice of wisdom, I mistakenly thought that the "experts" must have better answers about how I should conduct my life than I did. Wrong again.

Since I didn’t know how to stand up for myself, I was vulnerable to being manipulated by other people – serving their goals in life while letting my own fall behind.

Since I didn’t know how to organize my experiences of life (using proper perspective), my mind was in constant chaos.

Basically, I made about every mistake in the book. Which took a toll on my health.

So I began a long search for answers. Changed jobs. Found some mentors whose names you might recognize and others you probably wouldn’t.

I compiled an incredibly diverse knowledge base, drawing on experience from widely varying traditions and with people from virtually every walk of life. Distilled it all down. Got my health back. Moved to a "nearly ideal" location I just love.

Want to know the irony of it all? That journey was the solution I was looking for. Because now I get to share all kinds of great stuff with you!

The Ultimate Stress-Buster Kit has four key parts. You’ll use it to:

  1. Create enough possibility for yourself that you become willing to act on your own behalf.
  2. Connect with your own inner voice of wisdom, using an arsenal of experience-tested tools and strategies.
  3. Make empowered choices, consistently, in everyday situations.
  4. Cultivate an objective viewpoint that helps you take off the "colored glasses" you naturally see through to get a clear view of life.

Let’s explore those parts one-by-one.

Willingness to act on your own behalf

Ultimately, this is where you have to start. Until you become willing to take those first healthy steps, you’re fooling yourself if you think any system is going to work.

You can "read the book" and think it makes sense. You can have all the potential in the world.

But you won’t make any good use of it – until you become willing to act.

My book, Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses from Sabotaging Your Health, took on this issue directly. But I know you’re stressed. When you’re stressed, it’s hard to concentrate. You may not have the patience to sit down and read a 335 page book (at least not today). So you won’t find it in the Ultimate Stress-Buster Kit.

Instead, you’ll find the Word Cures Tips Guide: 52 Weeks of Healthy Living Tips.

It’s a compilation of the best tips and strategies I know to get you past your "great reasons" not to act in your own behalf. To get you back into the driver’s seat of your life.

Each of the 52 tips you’ll find in this guide is actionable – each one has a little "to do" section that tells you exactly how to put the tip to work for you in your life.

52 tips. What is it about that number? Oh yeah. You could focus on one tip a week for a WHOLE YEAR of support.

You won’t have to do much reading, either. Each tip is presented on a bookmark-sized card you can easily place in front of you on your desk at work, on your bathroom mirror, or even carry around with you.

It comes packaged inside a hot-beverage mug boasting a light-hearted illustration of the world’s greatest excuse, "the dog ate my homework." Sure to bring a smile to your face in even the most trying of circumstances!

Dog Ate My Homework

Tune In your Inner Voice of Wisdom

Once you acquire the willingness to take on your situation, you’re bound to have a few questions. Like where to start! That’s where it becomes vitally important that you learn to trust your own inner wisdom.

That wisdom is there now. But you may not be listening.

There’s a very good reason why. Over the years, you’ve trained yourself not to listen.

Life is easier that way, so you’re told. Just do what other people tell you to do, and you’ll have no responsibility when things go wrong. Easy. No thinking.

There’s surely no shortage of people out there who would be willing to tell you exactly what they think you should do! The problem is, they can never get it right. Since they aren’t you, they can never have all the facts.

So you’ll learn to do it yourself. It’s not difficult once you have the proper tools. Which I’ll deliver – in abundance – in the booklet Incubate Your Best Solution: How to Answer Perplexing Life Questions by Connecting with Your Inner Voice of Wisdom. 43 pages of strategy designed to, first, help you formulate great questions.

Having done that, you’ll find no less than 10 different techniques you can use, alone or in combination, to literally reach into your subconscious mind for the answers to your most pressing concerns.

Christopher's cat-nap
Christopher cat-tests his favorite strategy
from the "Incubate" booklet.
Who knows what he'll come up with?

The booklet comes packaged with three jars of bath salts, infused with essential oils to enhance your experience:

  • Courage (Dead Sea salts with Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain, and Jasmine)
  • Inspiration (Dead Sea salts with Frankincense, Juniper, and Rose)
  • Reward (Dead Sea salts with Sandalwood, Lavender, and Geranium)

You thought this stress-busting thing was going to be all work and no play? I hate to disappoint, but getting healthy is allowed to be enjoyable – you might even have some fun!

Make Powerful Choices in Everyday Situations

The next thing you’ll want to do is learn to consistently apply your new skills in everyday situations. This is critical!

I’m sure you’ve thought, as I have, "I know I could do this if only I didn’t have to deal with _____ in my life!" If only you didn’t have to deal with your boss, your job, your kids, your spouse, your parents, your broken-down car, your overdue credit card payment, etc, etc, etc.

But, hey, that’s the trick! How do you manage to live the life you want and deserve within the context of everything else that’s going on? It is possible. The way it’s done is by managing seemingly inconsequential everyday situations one-by-one.

That’s the topic of the third segment of our kit. You'll find powerful perspective-changing concepts in the booklet, Challenging the Shaman: How to Create Health and Vitality by Following the Voice of Wisdom in Everyday Situations. Then (here's the part you'll love), you'll learn to apply them using a 32-card deck (like flash cards) of everyday situations.

Challenging the Shaman teaches you to find and handle 6 common, often unrecognized, easily manageable sources of stress. This is "cause behind the cause" thinking – and it’s the real trick to taking control of your well-being.

We refer to these as the 6 Wellness Opportunities. A Wellness Opportunity occurs when you take a health-related problem out of the group of things you can’t control and begin to see it as something you can influence.

Example by example, I’ll lead you through the process of making wise choices until you really get it!

Again, it’s pretty simple. There are only two choices ever to be made: the choice that aligns with nature’s wisdom and the choice that doesn’t.

You learned to tune in to that voice of wisdom in the previous section, remember? Now all you have to do is follow directions.

When you respect the wisdom of nature, you thrive
When you challenge the wisdom of nature, you perish

The Objective Viewpoint

This might well be the most valuable part of the kit, so I selfishly hope you’ll take full advantage of it.

The 4th element of your Ultimate Stress-Buster Kit is an "Objective Opinion" certificate. You’ll have the opportunity to email me (snail mail if you prefer) a summary of your top perplexing problem. I won’t tell you what to do! But I will mail back my objective opinion.

When I was engaged in my own search, this was the element I most sought after (and didn’t find). I sat for countless hours in large groups of students. Listened to fascinating lectures. Read inspiring books.

I could see that my teachers’ methods worked. For other people. But initially, I had a difficult time figuring out how to apply them for myself. This is natural, by the way, when you’re challenged to think in a way you’re not used to.

But you’ll have an inside edge. An objective opinion. Summarize your situation, send it off, and I’ll help you learn to apply the material in this kit specifically for you.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

How to get your hands on your own kit

And so, Frenzied Health Seeker, are you feeling better? If I were in your shoes, I would be. You can see before you a solution to your most pressing problem. A solution that’s thorough, accessible, and surprisingly affordable.

Let’s review. In the Ultimate Stress-Buster Kit you’ll receive not one, not two, not three, but four integrated solutions to banish the source of your stress:

  1. Word Cures Tips Guide: 52 Weeks of Healthy Living Tips (52 tip cards & mug)
  2. Incubate Your Best Solution: How to Answer Perplexing Life Questions by Connecting with Your Inner Voice of Wisdom (booklet & bath salts set)
  3. Challenging the Shaman: How to Create Health and Vitality by Following the Voice of Wisdom in Everyday Situations (booklet & 32 card deck)
  4. Objective Opinion Certificate – submit your most perplexing problem for objective feedback from Elizabeth Eckert

BONUS: I've just recorded both booklets, Incubate Your Best Solution and Challenging the Shaman, onto 2 audio CD's. They're part of the kit. Listen when it's convenient for you!

How much would you think this information is worth? Well, if I were to charge you what it cost me, the number would have a comma and a bunch of zeros. Plus, you’d need to take time from your life to physically come after it.

Or, we could measure by the value to you. What’s it worth to you if we resolve any single one of those problems listed on the first page? Another comma and more zeros.

Fortunately, I want to help you out. I feel it’s my privilege to reach as many people as possible, and I’d like to make this product accessible. So I’m willing to let you have the whole kit – 4 components in all – for just $137 + shipping.

Ultimate Stress-Buster Kit
Ultimate Stress-Buster Kit

Order now by selecting the link below. You'll be taken to the "1 Shopping Cart" secure server, where you can use a MasterCard or Visa to place your order. Your kit will normally ship out the next business day.

Red ArrowOrder the Ultimate Stress-Buster Kit now
— Just $137.


Do it now. You deserve the best!


Elizabeth Eckert

P.S. About your doctor. There’s a reason he or she won’t tell you how to solve these problems. It’s got nothing to do with ethics, compassion, or being a nice person. Most of the doctors I know are ethical, compassionate, and very nice people. They work hard and are dedicated to what they do.

But they work from a different tool box. You don’t learn this stuff in medical school! You learn it under a tree in the woods somewhere, or sparring nose-to-nose with a young man half your age and twice your skill that, for some reason, still wants to see you succeed.

Don’t blame your doctor. Find a teacher with different tools.

P.P.S. You may not know me yet, so I want to make sure you have all the confidence you need that you’ll be well taken care of. If, at any time within 90 days of placing your order, you are even the slightest bit dissatisfied that I didn’t live up to my promise, simply return your products for a full refund (less shipping and handling). No problems. Guaranteed.

Ultimate Stress Buster Kit Questions & Answers

Q: I'm too stressed-out to take the time to use your kit. Help!
Oh, boy — is this kit for you! It's experiential, information-dense, and directly to the point. No fluff. (Except for the bath salts — but you can multi-task while you use them. Honest!) The tips cards offer a short few sentences to focus your week. Booklets hone in on just what you need to know. Flashcards reinforce your learning. Submit your consultation request conveniently by email. And you can use the mug for your favorite java — or place it delicately in your workspace as a handy reminder of your grand vision.

One more thing. In response to your requests, I've recorded the content of the booklets onto 2 CD's. (Formatted for your conventional CD player — please drive carefully!) They're included in the kit. Listen when it's convenient for you.

Q: I don't need a whole kit. Can't I just get the piece I want?
The Ultimate Stress-Buster Kit is an integrated system designed to support you in getting a particular result. It provides valuable tools you need to create a transformative breakthrough in your life. One part builds upon the other and all are part of the grand plan. If I were to allow part of the program to go out without its friends, you wouldn't get the whole system. I'd be cheating you out of your results! You don't really want that, do you? No, I didn't think so.

The exception is our intuition-enhancing bath salts. If you'd like to re-order or simply would like to try them out separately, please click the link for information.

"How cool is this? I have a plan! Thank you for all the help! I love the Stress Buster Kit!"

— Diane Lang, CNMT, Neuromuscular Wellness Center

“Kit-user Sharon from Bismarck, ND reports that during her very first week with the Tips Cards, she threw out 4 bags of clutter from her family room!”

— Sharon


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