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Perfect Lifestyle Gift

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Mini Stress-Buster —
Great news for all your stressed-out friends!

Supportive? Kind? Thoughtful? Practical? You?
You bet!

Got their best interests firmly in mind?

Will they thank you?

Let the Mini Stress-Buster come to your rescue. It's the perfect lifestyle gift for all your stressed-out friends.

CheckSupportive, yet playful.

CheckPractical, yet luxurious.

CheckFirmly grounded, yet inspirational.

You can't go wrong on this one!

Each Mini Stress-Buster contains:

1. Practical wisdom and a few grins.
Word Cures book cover image

Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses From Sabotaging Your Health

335 pages of tricks to shift perception — from
Healthy Living Coach Elizabeth Eckert. Your friends
will feel better just thinking about it!


2. Encouraging words & a bit of inspiration.

Encouraging Words Affirmation Card Image

© 2006 Wellness Images

Encouraging Words Affirmation Cards

  • Set of 4 greeting cards
  • Text derived from Word Cures; art by Judith Greenwood
  • 5" x 7" images suitable for framing
3. And a great way to relax — while solving the world's problems (or at least their own). Multi-tasking never felt so good!
Drops of water image

Intuition Enhancing Bath Salts — Set of 3

  • Inspiration – create an inspired solution
    (Dead Sea salts with Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain, and Jasmine)
  • Courage – build stamina for a pressing challenge
    (Dead Sea salts with Frankincense, Juniper, and Rose)
  • Reward – you've earned it!
    (Dead Sea salts with Sandalwood, Lavender, and Geranium)

Packages are 4 oz each — enough salts for 1-4 baths


Red arrow Order the Mini Stress-Buster. Just $46.


P.S. For the ultimate in convenience, fill in your friend's name in the "ship to" address and we'll send it directly there for you. Tastefully packaged so you'll have no worries at all. (Hey, we've got friends, too. And we know what they like!)

Mini-Stress-Buster Product Questions & Answers

Elizabeth Eckert, PhD
Elizabeth Eckert image

Q: So, who are you anyway? I like to know who I'm listening to.

A: Glad you asked. I've been a Healthy Living professional for 17 years. (Following a 10-year career in opera production!) Starting out as a massage therapist, I focused on neuromuscular therapy — a results-driven modality that strives to get people out of pain.

In addition to maintaining a private practice, I had the pleasure of serving on the teaching staff of St. John Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars for 11 years. I also participated in a unique research study, sponsored by Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, on the application of neuromuscular therapy for people with chronic headaches.

All that clinical experience allowed me to get to know people from virtually all walks of life, while at the same time supporting their well-being. However it didn't take too long to realize that a lot of the difficulties people brought in my door were stress-induced. Stress was even changing the shape of their bodies! Yikes!

I'd already studied developmental psychology. Now I moved on to energy medicine, martial arts, awareness skills, and a whole spectrum of related fields — to get a sense of how it all worked together.

My conclusion? Your life creates your health.

Today, I'm on a mission to support people in creating their most optimal life possible. All in the name of good health. If you (or a friend) are dealing with a health challenge right now, or simply seeking to prevent one, then listen in. I may be speaking to you!

Red arrow Order the Mini Stress-Buster. Just $46.



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