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Intuition Enhancing Bath Salts

balanced personRelax? Of course!

But don't stop there. You can save the world!
(At least your own little piece.)

Of course, our bath salts will help you wind down. And they do it so well!

Yet there's more available. These are bath salts with a higher purpose. Set your intention in advance — for a creative insight, courage in action, or a well-earned reward. While you relax in the tub, your subconscious mind will support you by creating the state you desire.

Our secret? The vibration of pure plant energy. Each package contains salts from the Dead Sea combined with high-quality essential oils to enhance your experience.

Multi-tasking never felt so good!


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Intuition Bath Salts — Set of 3

  • Inspiration – create an inspired solution
    (Dead Sea salts with Ylang Ylang, Petitgrain, and Jasmine)
  • Courage – build stamina for a pressing challenge
    (Dead Sea salts with Frankincense, Juniper, and Rose)
  • Reward – you've earned it!
    (Dead Sea salts with Sandalwood, Lavender, and Geranium)

Packages are 4 oz each — enough salts for 1-4 baths


The Intuition Enhancing Bath Salts are also included in several of our kits:

checkThey were originally developed as part of the Ultimate Stress-Buster Kit, to accompany the booklet "Incubate Your Best Solution: How to Answer Perplexing Life Questions by Connecting with Your Inner Voice of Wisdom."

checkThey're also available as part of the Mini Stress-Buster ...

check... and the Intuition Infusion Kit (Deluxe Set).

drops of water

checkOr you can order them separately right here:

Intuition Bath Salts set (4 oz. containers, set of 3) — $16


You'll be significantly more inspired before you know it!

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