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Who else wants to learn the secrets of manifesting the riches of
abundant health, vitality, prosperity, and personal satisfaction?

Would you like to learn exactly how to create the world you desire? The world you imagine? The life you dream about? Of course! That's why you're reading this page. Great news!

Now, with support from the Word Cures community, you can

Coach Yourself!

Imagine all you like. Visualize all you want. But in order to create material change in the material world, you'll need to take action. Doesn't matter if you've thought about what you'd really like to have some day if you never take the steps to get yourself there, does it?

But you can. If you can imagine it, you can create it. That's just the way the world works!

What do you want most in life?

Can you remember? You may have become so involved with surviving your day-to-day life that your most intimate desires are buried somewhere back in the far reaches of your subconscious mind.

But they're in there. You know.

Sometimes we stop ourselves from thinking about what we really want. We become overwhelmed by simple survival. We figure, "if it's this hard to simply get a meal on the table and pay the bills, why torture myself thinking about what I can't have?"

Who says you can't have it?

Here's a little paradox of nature. It takes more work to obtain something you really don't want than what you really do.

Are you struggling in life to produce results you don't even want? Then something's off. If you're putting out a whole lot of energy into producing results you really don't like, you could benefit from a little tune-up.

Let's take inventory:

  • How are your finances doing?
  • What about your relationships?
  • Think about personal satisfaction. Does your lifestyle excite you?
  • If you have a job, do you look forward to going to work every day?
  • Is your home in order as you'd like?
  • What about your health?

Let's build that problem-solving muscle!

You'd take care of it immediately if you could, of course. But with everything else clamoring for your time and attention, who has time? Truth is, it's more than just time. It's figuring out how to make your dreams a priority and bring them to life.

It's becoming a better problem-solver.

In fact, your problem-solving ability (both perceived and actual) has a comprehensive and universal effect on your entire life. Your beliefs about your ability to have an effect on your environment influence:

  1. The courses of action you choose to pursue or avoid
  2. How much effort you’re willing to put forth in order to reach a goal
  3. How long you’ll persevere to get past obstacles in your path
  4. Your resilience to adversity
  5. Whether your thought patterns help or hinder your life
  6. How much stress and depression you experience in dealing with difficult circumstances
  7. Your levels of accomplishment in life1

Now for some really good news. Problem-solving is a skill. It can be learned, practiced, and improved.

'Transform Stress' guide:
Stressors that steal your health —
Six tips to get your life back.
And a weekly gentle reminder.


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No matter how great a problem-solver you are today, no matter how you may feel more at the effect of your world than in control of it, you can get better. You can get past the great reasons that keep you stuck and get on with ... well, whatever you say your life is going to be!

If you knew that there was an easy-to-follow program to support you in taking the project of your choice from start to finish, wouldn't you be interested? Wouldn't you jump at the chance to create more control over your environment ... and the life of your dreams?

What would you take on?

What do you think you might take on? Would you:

  • improve your family relationships
  • start a business
  • write a book
  • clean the basement
  • create a website
  • get in shape
  • set up a long-term investment strategy
  • go back to school
  • find a better job
  • find Mr. or Ms. right?

What would it be?

Anything you really want to do is the right answer. Because our main goal is to have you develop confidence in your ability to change the world around you. And that ability will translate from the project you pick this time to any other project of your choice.

The "Coach Yourself" manual

7 Simple Steps to Freedom is a course manual designed to empower you in doing what it takes to bring about the exact results you've imagined.

Step 1: Prioritize. Create a powerful intention for your project.

Step 2: Plan. Create an effective plan to manifest your intention.

Step 3: Take Action. Step by step, you follow the plan. Of course if it was really that easy, you wouldn't need a manual. You'll learn to support yourself for success here.

Step 4: Eavesdrop. Learn what to do when, despite your best intentions, you don't do what you'd planned.

Step 5: Make a Different Choice. Seven success strategies to support you in making empowered choices.

Step 6: Do It Again. Nine troubleshooting strategies to keep you moving forward over time.

Step 7: Celebrate! The only way to fail at this system is not to participate. Which is to say that celebration will INDEED be in order!

Claim your copy & get started today!

You're ready to get your life on track. Did you know that the only real time to create change is NOW? It's true. Change happens in the now. Anything else is nothing but a pleasant little fantasy. So claim your copy now — and let's get started!

Saboteurs Guide to A Productive Life: 7 Simple Steps to Freedom
Saboteur's Guide to a Productive Life:
7 Simple Steps to Freedom
126 pages; e-book or deluxe binder version

BONUS #1: In addition to the manual, you'll receive a pre-written weekly email once a week for 12 weeks to support your progress. The email series starts when you place your order online.

BONUS #2: You're also entitled to a complimentary review of your project plan by Elizabeth Eckert. (And I sincerely hope you'll take me up on it!)

BONUS #3: NEW! We've just opened a support forum exclusively for people working with the 7 Steps Manual. You get 4 months of forum support included with the manual absolutely free.

How do you want it?

2 ordering options:

Option 1: Select the Saboteur's Guide to a Productive Life: 7 Simple Steps to Freedom deluxe binder version. In addition to everything listed above (email series with online orders, project plan review, and 4 months of forum support), you'll also receive a hard copy of the 126-page manual in a handy loose-leaf binder where you can store all your wellness plans and notes (order online and get the e-book, too!) plus...

BONUS #4: With the deluxe binder version, you'll receive a CD recording of the audio tele-seminar "Plan for Success," offered to a select group of wellness coaching participants to support them in creating powerful project plans. The Plan for Success CD sells separately for $24.95, which makes this package a great value.

ArrowBest deal — Order the Saboteur's Guide to a Productive Life: 7 Simple Steps to Freedom deluxe binder version with bonus CD now. Just $67. You'll thank yourself in a few minutes.



Option 2: Order the Saboteur's Guide to a Productive Life: 7 Simple Steps to Freedom e-book (.pdf format) now. Just $47.

You'll get the e-book, e-mail series (with online orders), project plan review, and 4 months of forum support. Considering the changes you're about to create, this is a mighty fine deal, too.


Here's to your health!

Your "Stick-To-It" coach,

Elizabeth Eckert


P.S. I'll be watching my e-mail for your success story! You're sure to have a grand one before long!

P.P.S. Problems with your order?  Phone toll-free (877) 967-3287 or email to get your problem solved.  If you are dissatisfied, you may return your product for a refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling) within 30 days.

1 Bandura, Alfred (1997). Self-Efficacy: The Exercise of Control. W.H. Freeman & Company.

"I feel more confident and have created so much activity that I otherwise would not have. I am having more FUN doing what I love. It seems that new ideas just spring forth when I have a clear path to where I am going. I feel I can accomplish anything I put my mind to."

— Mary, Wellness Coaching Participant

Participants from the "Plan For Success" Teleseminar say ...

"What this all brought back to me was the impact of your coaching. I have that love/hate reaction to someone making me accountable, but when I see results that really mean something to me - my life revealing my intention - I have great gratitude."

— Kathy

"Awesome teleconference-you provided new information and challenged how I sometimes look at my behavior! Thanks again!!! You helped provide the 'jump start' to my new writing project-I feel energized and re-focused!"

— Dawn

"I really enjoyed the call-in today. It was a good review of the principles and a time to reflect on the amazing things that were accomplished in my family last quarter. I couldn't help but get emotional near the end of the session. I have tried to bring my family together before and failed. The success I've had with this project met such an important and critical need in my life."

— George

"Today's tele-seminar was quite interesting, I learned some good things and the whole process seems clearer to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"


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