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Stress, Life Context, and Trusting Your Intuition

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Stress, Life Context, and Trusting Your Intuition

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Something’s not working right in your life. You’ve been there and so have I. You're stressed. Your inner wisdom seems like it's on strike. "If I just knew how to get out of this one tight spot," you tell yourself, "then things could get back on track."

Jen can’t find the car keys. She’s late for work and an important meeting. Second time this week. She looks all over, finally unearthing the elusive keys under a pile of papers. Now she’s late. If only her home were more user-friendly, her stress would surely be less. But how?

Dave’s a great fix-it guy. He runs his own handyman business. He’s also a nice guy. Seems like he’s always slipping in a freebie for somebody. Problem is he’s having trouble paying his bills. Ask Dave where his stress comes from and he’ll tell you he doesn’t want to hurt his friends’ feelings by asking them to pay, yet he can’t afford to help the whole neighborhood when he should be working for money. What could he do?

Kali took over the family travel agency a few years ago when her parents retired. She’d always been proud of their efforts to help people get away from it all. Kali had dreamed of becoming a travel photographer herself. She’d even gone to art school. But then her folks had needed her. Now the business isn’t doing so well. If only she could figure a way out of this frustrating mess!

It’s the perfect set-up for stress. A life context in which you can’t quite see clearly what to do next. And yet here’s the irony. Chances are you know exactly what to do next. In fact, it’s likely your intuition is broadcasting the answer to you right now. Only problem is you don’t trust that what you know is right.

Our Intuition Infusion Kit explores 6 common sources of stress. Yet the fact is they all show up inside of one common context: something’s wrong and you can’t quite see what to do about it. If you knew, you’d do it already and life would be good. Right?

Well, not necessarily.

The catch is you have to trust what you know. To trust your intuition. If you knew what you knew was really valid, then maybe you’d act on it.

You can see a solution to Jen, Dave, and Kali’s situations, can’t you? Chances are they can, too. They just don’t trust the solution they see enough to act on it.

Where do you have the same thing going on in your own life? Wouldn’t it be great to get that firm “yes” from your intuition that tells you you’re definitely on the right track?

Good news. You can. Nurturing your relationship with your intuition is a fun activity that pays big dividends. All it takes is a bit of conscious practice.

Healthy living expert Elizabeth Eckert, author of Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses from Sabotaging Your Health, encourages people to banish energy-zapping life stress by tuning in to inner guidance. Follow the link to take her free Less Stress; More Time mini course.


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