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Stress: The Latest Buzz-Word

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Stress: The Latest Buzz-Word

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Stress. Not too long ago, a visitor to my healthy living website wrote in and asked about my opinion on stress. "Is it just an over-used buzz-word," he asked, "or is there really something there?"

It's a great opportunity to stop and evaluate how each of us relates to the term "stress" when we hear it. What does it mean to you? See which statement fits best.

  1. You know everything there is to know about stress already and aren't interested in learning anything further.
  2. You’re totally stressed-out and can see that it compromises your life. Bring on the solution!
  3. You're easy-going and not much gets to you. What stress? Addressing any physical stressors (mechanical, electromagnetic, chemical) is beyond your interest.
  4. You know you're stressed out, but feel that you have no control over the source of the stress.
  5. You know you're stressed out, you know you could do something about it, but you don’t.
  6. While your immediate stress-makers are in pretty good order, you remain watchful for new opportunities to bring resolution to anything that should happen to pop up.

Got your best fit answer? Great! Now we'll dig a little deeper to see how your approach to stress might be affecting your life.

  1. Nothing more to learn. It's been said that the most dangerous phrase in the English language is "I already know that." When you shut the door on new learning, you automatically also create the condition of being stuck exactly where you are. Since the world around us is constantly changing, being flexible and open enough to change along with it is a benefit.
  2. Super-stressed person. Help! There's a silver lining in this response. While your world may feel chaotic right now, the good news is that you’re receptive to creating something different.
  3. Cool as a cucumber. No stress here. While your mental attitude is admirable, don't stop there. If you're happy and overweight, a happy smoker, or a happy person who hasn't stopped to plan for retirement, then stress is weighing on you even as we speak.
  4. Stress? It's his fault! Ultimately, it should come as good news that you have a certain degree of responsibility for your own stress. Sure, there are others involved. But you do have choices. And you may have more control over your life than you think.
  5. Denial. It's a beautiful thing… Naturally, actions have consequences. You may think you're willing to accept the risks in your present situation, but that may simply be because you haven't hit bottom yet.
  6. Healthy living at its best. Here's where most of us, ultimately, want to live. It takes a conscious choice and self-evaluation. Most people who live here think that's a small price to pay for the enhanced quality of life and personal satisfaction they enjoy.

Healthy living expert Elizabeth Eckert encourages people to banish energy-zapping life stress by tuning in to inner guidance. Find the hidden stress in your life and learn strategies to resolve it at its source in the audio/e-book Stress In The Background: How to Thrive in a High Stress World.



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