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What set Arielle apart was her intention.
You can get it, too

Arielle's story (not her real name) is incredibly inspiring. I'll admit she had me mystified at first. You see, I had already been a bodyworker for nearly 10 years when she first arrived at my office for help with a chronic pain problem. So I had some expectations already in place about how many treatment sessions it would likely take to resolve her complex headache pattern. (Turns out I was wrong.)

Arielle, nearing 40 at the time of her first visit, had been dealing with chronic pain her entire life. She had a constant daily headache, with migraine spikes several times a week. By constant, she explained, she meant that she had at least a moderate-level headache all the time. And sometimes it got worse.

Madrid, NM
Astrologer, Madrid, New Mexico

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As someone who doesn't deal at all well with head pain, I admired and respected Arielle's resolve to find a solution. I was optimistic about being able to help her, too. After all, wasn't I involved in a research study on head pain ... and fine-tuning new tweaks to our treatment strategy at warp speed?

Yep. Even so, I figured it would take a while. After all, the body takes time to adjust to new patterns, I'd learned. Even healthy ones!

Arielle was focused and so was I. We loosened. We decompressed. We released. We aligned. And at her 5th weekly visit, we came to the point where her migraine spikes stopped spiking. She came in for visit #6 elated! A whole week with no migraines! We were both thrilled.

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It took another 4 weeks to eliminate the daily headache. Visit #9 brought about that little piece of healing energy. At session #10, Arielle reported that for the first time she could remember, she'd gone an entire week with no headache. She came in another time or two before commenting, "You know I enjoy these visits, but I'm not sure I need to continue. My headaches are gone."

We kept in touch. She referred a few friends. We were both delighted! But to be quite honest, I still didn't know why she'd responded so well.

Until several months later when, casually, Arielle spilled the beans. Turns out she had arrived at my office shortly after having created a compelling reason to be well. Her mind and body were in an ultimate state of receptivity for healing, and healing occurred. You'll find her story in context in chapter #7 of Word Cures.

Ten years later as of this writing, Arielle's story still stands out for me as a shining example of the power of positive healing intention. Sure, I've worked with other clients who have healed quickly. Still others who have given up after a time or two. And many more who have doggedly persisted, all the while resisting the mental shift that Arielle came upon for herself quite by accident.

Is it really magic?

Here's the magic for me in Arielle's story. There is a state of mind and intention that not only allows very rapid healing to occur ... but it also brings you into contact with the people destined to assist your journey ... and empowers them! Yep, it's true. I am absolutely convinced that I as a practitioner was more creative than usual when working to assist Arielle. After all, the strategy that worked for her was something I'd never even thought of before!

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Maybe you'd like to put yourself into that enhanced state of mind and intention, like Arielle did. You can, you know. Arielle stumbled upon it by chance. You don't have to. See here's the cool part. I'd been studying both energy medicine and human nature at the time of Arielle's revealing comment. So I immediately recognized what she'd done.

Arielle's coincidence can become your choice.Think of all the frustration you'll save when you learn to get out of your own way and stop sabotaging your progress!

"But I have a compelling reason already!"

That's your mind talking back to me. Yes, I can hear you. And I'll agree. You may indeed have that compelling reason already. We've identified Arielle's secret key to healing success. But it may or may not not be yours. We're agreed.

What if your situation is just plain different? (But you still want the result.)

What if...

check... you think you don't have the time or money to find support for your situation.

check... you figure that whatever it is, you should be able to handle it yourself.

check... it seems like you're dealing with a situation that's completely out of your control — where you don't even have a choice!

check... you're too drained to muster up the energy to try anything new.

check... or you just don't know which way to turn?

Ok. We're getting to that part. I've been in practice as a bodyworker for nearly 20 years now and there have been lots more Arielles come in through my doors. You could, if you want, learn how to make each of 21 different choices for health and well-being, including the ones we've just checked off above.

Now if that sounds confusing, I'm here to tell you it's not. You'll know right away what your key issue is. As you browse Word Cures, you'll recognize yourself in one or two of the stories. And you'll immediately get what to do. It's actually pretty easy.

If the idea of enhancing and empowering your body's natural healing energy appeals to you, visit the Word Cures page to learn more.

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