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Somebody spilled the beans. When you're "stuck" in life, it impacts your health. And the word is out on the street. We're getting into healthy living. All of a sudden, everybody wants to get "unstuck!"

* Jane doesn't know whether she should take the promotion or not. She'd like the extra income, but doesn't want to take any more time away from her family than she already does. She's stuck.

* John wants to visit his child in another state this summer. He also wants to get his bills paid off so he can retire in 5 years. John's stuck.

* Sue wants to spend the weekend with her boyfriend as they'd planned. She also has a work deadline that won't get met unless she puts in some extra hours. Sue's stuck, too.

Another way to explain it is this. You're stressed out. You've got an internal conflict. One part of you wants one thing, and another part wants something else. It's been bugging you for days, maybe weeks. You can feel it in your body - it's tense & tight. You tell yourself to relax, but it doesn't seem to help anymore.

You're tired, too. Seems you alternate between staying up late working and lying awake worrying. Between the two, you're just not getting much sleep.

And let's even not talk about cranky!

Of course eventually you'll solve it. That's how healthy living works. But how? When? Where's the breakthrough coming from? If you could only clear your head and see things fresh!

7 Tips to Clear Your Head and Get Your Life Moving Again

1. Clean out a closet or drawer. Out with the old; in with the new. As you clear physical clutter, your mental state will improve as well.

2. Go for a walk. Do some stretching, yoga, or ride your bike. If you can, choose a rhythmic activity, preferably outdoors. Fresh air and movement will get your energy moving again.

3. Get a massage. No-brainer, huh? Release physical tension from your system, increase circulation, and relax. You'll surely feel refreshed!

4. Write in your journal. Use paper & pen for this one, not the keyboard. Doesn't matter if you think you don't have anything to say. Vent! Promise yourself you'll write for at least 30 minutes straight.

5. Ask yourself this question: "What's the single most important thing I need to do that I've been putting off?" Just one thing. Then do it.

6. Breathe. Stop what you're doing and take 2 minutes to breathe. Picture a circle that runs up the back of your spine and down the front. Slowly trace the circle in your mind as you breathe. On the inhale, trace the circle up your back. On the exhale, trace the circle down your front. Picture one continuous movement with no breaks or stops. Breathe this way 20 times.

7. Re-arrange the furniture in one room of your home. Clean under the couch or the bed. Put your favorite chair on the opposite side of the room. Get a new view!

Looking for more support? Check out our Healthy Living Manual

Elizabeth Eckert can help you explore how simple everyday choices create health - or undermine even the best of intentions. With a background that ranges from energy medicine to structural bodywork to developmental psychology, this "Stick-To-It Coach" has the experience to support you in creating the healthiest possible expression of — you!

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