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The Language of Your State

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The real question isHOW ARE YOU?

Let’s start with the obvious question, “What’s a state?” Your state refers to how you are at any given moment in time. You may be more familiar with the phrase “state of being,” which refers to the same thing.

When a friend asks “How are you?” and you answer, “Great!” what you’re really saying is “I am in a state of greatness.” Greatness is a state.

Sometimes people don’t realize that we humans have the freedom to choose our state at all times. Your circumstances may not always be great. But you may always choose to be in a state of greatness.

It’s deceptively simple to do. Choosing your state is as simple as declaring it. With practice, your feelings will come to match your declaration. So will your actions, your language, and your posture.

Just a few choice words make all the difference

In other words, consistent communication in all your 4 languages can be very simply coordinated by managing your state. And that can be done with a simple declaration.

“I am persistence, possibility, and abundance.”

Speak that phrase aloud several times. Your declaration will form what’s sometimes known as an affirmation – a statement that makes your words firm – that gives them substance in the material world.

As you repeat the phrase, notice how your experience changes. Your abdomen may relax, your spine may lengthen, your breathing may slow. The simple repetition of an empowering phrase creates material change in your physical body.

Of course it also works the other way around. Imagine what your life would be like if you were to wander around declaring your incompetence and poverty for all the world to confirm!

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You choose your state consistently over time

The key to managing your state is choosing it consistently over time. It’s easy to do, though it does require some focus.

Notice what it feels like for you when you’re off track, out of balance, anxious, or stressed. Whenever you sense disempowerment creeping in, affirm your desired state.

You may find it helpful to engage a support system as you put this strategy into practice.

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