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Just the facts, ma'am!

How much fun do you suppose a detective can have? Put on your little hat and give it a shot. Make a game of it. I predict you’re gonna like this!

Trying to make a considered choice without having the information you need is the ground of the amateur.

Amateurs gamble. Detectives choose.

It’s easy enough to see how, as a society, we’ve become accustomed to allowing others to solve our problems for us. After all, knowledge has become more specialized and technical. We truly can never know it all.

Yet trying to make a life-or-death choice on your own behalf without having access to unbaised information seems foolish. As you’ll learn from our Holistic Health and Language Graphic Display, knowledge is one of the three main prerequisites for the creation of health.

One of the best ways to empower yourself when it comes to health is to learn everything you can about situations that challenge you.

How do you know if you know what you think you know?

As you proceed, here are some points to consider:

  • Astrologer SouthwestExpand your view of what constitutes a life-and-death choice. Don’t deceive yourself by thinking that only “big stuff” counts. Something as simple as permitting yourself to live in a cluttered versus tidy home could be “big” in terms of your health results.

    It may be that the reason behind your choice (for example a perception that you don’t have time to create a nice home or that you’re too impoverished to throw anything away) that matters more than the choice itself.

  • Where are you getting your information? “Gut instinct” may serve you well in some cases. But unless your perception is very keen, your “gut” may simply deliver what you’ve been conditioned to believe by your past history. Which, if I understand the situation correctly, is what got you into this position in the first place...

  • Take the opinions of self-appointed experts with a grain of salt. All manner of people out there would be only too willing to tell you “what they would do” in your situation. Here’s the problem. They aren’t in your situation. They can never know it as intimately as you do. While experts often give great advice, they really can’t know what you should do. That’s for you to figure out. Thank them and smile.

Note: This statement is not to be taken as medical or legal advice. It is obviously wise to listen carefully to professional advice given in those areas.

Tip: See Word Cures subject chapters #14, #15 and #19, which explore various sides of the expert advice topic, for more.

  • Front-runners in any field are often thought to be a bit odd. If you do something differently from the way the neighbors do, they may indeed look at you strangely. Until they see that your unusual ways work. Then they’ll be all over you to find out what you did!

Tip: See Word Cures subject chapter #6 (It's too risky) for more.

Kinda fun, isn’t it? Way to go, Sherlock!

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