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4 Languages? Me? You're kidding!

Tree and IvyDid you realize that you naturally speak at least 4 languages? It’s true. You share your core beliefs and values with the world through your own unique communication style.

It consists of:

  • Your Actions
  • Your State
  • Your Words
  • Your Posture

Communication Style Quiz - Part 1

Check yourself out on the 4 Languages. Find out where a little fine-tuning would serve you best. Answer each question with a “yes” or “no.”

  1. Do you often find yourself saying one thing (even to yourself) and doing another? (You planned on ordering a salad when you got to the restaurant, but that fettuccine Alfredo just looked so good!)

  2. When you reveal your plans to friends and family, do they roll their eyes and say, “Sure. Just like the cow’s going to jump over the moon next Saturday night.”

  3. Do you find yourself feeling discouraged, drained, and disheartened, even though you may know better?

  4. Do you give up projects easily because it seems like things just won’t work out?

  5. Do you often find yourself explaining to yourself or others why you can’t do what you’d hoped to? Why you can’t have the things you want?

  6. Does it seem like some outside circumstance (your job, your family history, or the state of your finances) limits you from achieving what you’d hoped to in life?

  7. Do you get shorter under stress? Do you feel yourself hunch over your desk or chair as the day wears on? Do you find yourself lowering your car mirror, even when you were the last person to drive?

  8. Do you feel hyper-alert and poised for action most of the time? As though you’d be ready to fend off an attacker on a moment’s notice, even when you’re not in an outwardly threatening environment?


Questions 1 and 2 refer to your actions. Did you answer “yes” here? You may not realize it, but that conflict between your plans and your actions (even “small stuff,” even to yourself) produces health results you don’t want.

Read “The Language of Your Actions

Questions 3 and 4 refer to your state. Did you answer “yes” here? States like discouragement and frustration can stall the course of even the best intentions – while persistence and possibility will see you through hard times with ease.

Good news! You can change your state!

Read “The Language of Your State

Questions 5 and 6 refer to your words. Did you answer “yes” here? Most of us pick up limiting beliefs without realizing they’re just that – beliefs. Little more than superstitions. Yet as we repeat them in our own minds and conversations, they become true — until we recognize them for what they are.

[The person who thinks he has no limiting beliefs is the guy I feel for. Do you see how the that belief creates the ultimate limitation?]

Read “The Language of Your Words

Questions 7 and 8 refer to your posture. Did you answer “yes” here? Posture communicates your level of personal power as well as emotional states such as fear or confidence.

Aside from the confusion that inconsistent body language can pose in personal relationships, problem posture also contributes to a number of annoying health conditions.

Read “The Language of Your Posture

NEXT STEP – Read The Language of Your Actions


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