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Part 2 - Healing Cycle

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How do you start a healing cycle?

Definition of Healing: to make sound or whole; to restore to health; to restore to original purity or integrity (

Note two things from the definition of healing:

  1. Healing is possible; health, purity, and integrity can be restored
  2. The process begins with action (action: to make or restore)

Healing involves restoring the 3 prerequisite states:

1. Honor —
comprised of:

  • Your good name or reputation
  • Integrity
  • Your word, given as a guarantee of performance

#1. Honor— Make it Actionable

Explore your life to see how things are right now. Start with these questions:

  • How is my reputation with my friends and family?
  • How is my reputation at work?
  • How is my reputation with the most important person in my life, -- ME?
  • To what extent does my life reflect what's important to me? To what extent have I allowed myself to compromise what I believe is important (my values) in favor of what's important to others, what fits in, or what seems easy? (That compromise represents a breach of integrity.)
  • Do I willingly give my word to others? Or do I withhold my word in order to avoid getting "stuck" by accountability. (Your honor is dependent upon your word, which must be given in order to be kept.)
  • Can I be counted on to decline clearly and with grace when I cannot accomodate another's request?
  • Can I be counted on to keep my word once it's been given?
  • How well do I keep my word to myself?

If you're like most people, this kind of questioning will uncover some areas that need tweaking. Welcome to the human race! Our Healthy Living Manual (Saboteur's Guide to a Productive Life:7 Simple Steps to Freedom) is one resource you may find helpful in supporting you as you begin to turn things around.

2. Knowledge —
comprised of:
  • Awareness
  • Perception
  • Discernment

#2. Knowledge — Make it Actionable

The basic question here is this one: How well informed are you? Informing yourself about your world involves several different kinds of perception and learning:

  • Gaining greater awareness of objective facts is important — like finding out which foods can help you lower your LDL cholesterol count.
  • Perception of subtle information is valuable too — like noticing that your back always hurts more after an especially stressful day at work.
  • Making sure your perception is accurate rounds out the picture — for example discerning whether your co-worker is angry because of something about you or because of something about him.
3. Attention —
comprised of:
  • Focused Consciousness
  • Receptivity

#3 Attention — Make it Actionable

Gaining knowledge and applying it are two separate steps. Often times when I speak with a client, I'll ask them about some aspect of their lifestyle that seems to be in the way of their making the progress they desire.

And they'll respond like this: "That? I already knew that!"

Here's the thing. They may know it, but they don't get it. And because they don't get it, they don't do it.

The attribute of attention stands at the boundary between knowing and doing. Attention means really GETTING what you know.

  • Getting that you'll be able to afford to make different health care choices if you stop that 2-pack-a-day habit once and for all, no matter what it takes.
  • Getting that maintaining an old grudge against your third cousin (and all her friends) who bumped you from your turn at jump-rope when you were 10 hurts you more than her. (Perhaps even recalling that the jump-rope incident occurred directly after you'd insulted your cousin's new hair style.)
  • Getting that everything you interpret as a personal slight didn't necessarily start out with that intention in the other person's mind.
  • And really getting that your health suffers because of the many grudges you won't let go.
  • Being receptive to re-thinking solutions and strategies that worked for you years ago under different circumstances, but that hold you back today.

If you've had enough of book learning and want someone to walk you through the process of changing your lifestyle, consider Wellness Coaching. Curious about the projects our participants typically take on? Check out the coaching information page.

Perfect Health!

At the point where Honor, Knowledge, and Attention have been restored, we will have attained Wholeness, Soundness, and Purity. These states constitute perfect health.









Definition of health: sound in mind, body, or spirit (

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