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Re-thinking cause and effect

Symptoms, symptoms, symptoms. Most of them can be attributed to multiple factors. Many of those multiple factors are, or at least were at one time, within your sphere of influence. Why not focus on those?

Start by making the mental separation between things that commonly arise together and actual cause-effect relationships.

  • You are over 40 and your back hurts. It’s probably true that there is a greater percentage of people over 40 whose backs hurt than those 39 and younger. Yet is it true that being over 40 causes pain? Of course not. Lots of people over 40 have very healthy backs.

    If your back hurts, regardless of your age, there is probably a valid reason for it. If you haven’t sustained a severe injury or let things go too long, you can most likely do something about your pain problem. Writing it off to “old age” won’t get you anywhere.

Tip: See Word Cures subject chapter #12 (It's old age) for more.

  • Your mother was depressed as you grew up. Now you suspect you may be depressed yourself. Is it an inevitable consequence of being your mother’s offspring that you “inherit” her depression? Of course not. Many children who arise from challenging circumstances do exceptionally well in life. (Just look at Oprah!)

    While there may be a generational aspect to mental health, part of that situation can be attributed to plain old bad habits. Inadequate parenting, limited information about what constitutes healthy behavior, and poorly aquired problem-solving skills may challenge you. But they can all be remedied with education and /or counseling.

Tip: See Word Cures subject chapter #8 (It runs in the family) for more.

Mountain StreamHealthy Expectations

Next, examine your “rules” or superstitions about how you expect things to go in life. Have you based your expectations on your own investigation and sense of possibility, or have you simply taken on the old beliefs of those around you?

If you expect things to go badly in the situation you’re facing, you’re much less likely to try and remedy it than if your expectation is for health and vitality.

Healthy expectations lead to healthy living. It’s as simple as that.

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