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Your Personal World of Words

The next section explores the world of your words – that little voice that attempts to make sense of your experience (often called self-talk) and then explain your situation verbally to those around you.

Communication Style Quiz - Part 2

Do any of these statements sound like they might have come from you? Consider what you say on the inside (self-talk) as well as the words you speak aloud. If you really want to know, ask a trusted friend to explore communication style with you. Answer “yes” if the statement sounds like you.

  1. “I don’t have time for this!”
    Example: “I probably I should check my blood sugar every morning like the nurse said, but I’m just too busy.”

  2. “I’m drained. I just don’t have the energy.”
    Example: “I know I should go to the kids’ school program, but I’m too tired for anything extra. I promised Ellen I’d help her with her garage sale after work, and Aunt Sue won’t let anyone else take her grocery shopping. My walking group meets Tuesdays and there’s church on Wednesday. I’ve just got to get mom’s annuals in this week and her cat is overdue for his check-up. Of course I’ll take him. Besides, Bob will be mad if I don’t get the house cleaned before we have his boss over for dinner this weekend...”

  3. “It runs in the family.”
    Example: “I inherited this back pain from my mother.”

  4. “It’s old age.”
    Example: “I know exactly what’s wrong with my left knee and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s old age.”

  5. “Why bother?”
    Example: “I exercised for a while and then stopped. Why bother?”

  6. “I just don’t know...”
    Example: “Maybe I should leave Jim ... but then how would I support myself? Besides, he says it’s my fault he gets so angry. I just don’t know...”

  7. “I’ll deal with it later (after I get the result I want.)”
    Example: “Of course I’ll start exercising – just as soon as I lose some weight.”

  8. “I can take care of this myself.”
    Example: “Forget it. Smiths don’t do counseling. We’ll take care of little Billie’s meth addiction ourselves.”

  9. “I really don’t know what I want anymore.”

  10. “I’m just going through the motions in my life.”


Questions 1 and 2 explore how you explain the use of your resources. Did you answer “yes” here?

Often, what is perceived as a lack of resources is a priority problem in disguise. If you really don’t have the resources you need, of course, the question then becomes how you can obtain them. One thing is sure. Fooling yourself with a lame excuse isn’t going to solve anything.

Read “Abundance and Your Health

Questions 3 and 4 explore how you attribute the cause of a problem. Did you answer “yes” here?

Many troubling symptoms are the result of multiple factors. Why not focus on those that you can do something about?

Read “Factors You Can Influence

Questions 5 and 6 explore how objective you’re able to be about your own life circumstances. Did you answer “yes” here?

It’s easy to lose perspective. We all do it occasionally. The trick is to regain clarity quickly – before apathy, resignation, and denial take over.

Read “What Would the Fly Say?

Questions 7 and 8 explore how well you understand your situation and your options. Did you answer “yes” here?

It’s hard to make a good choice when you don’t understand the problem. Without the background you need, it’s easy to get caught up in magical thinking or overlook resources that could help you. A little information, along with the willingness to apply what you learn, goes a long way when it comes to your health.

Read “Call In Your Inner Detective

Questions 9 and 10 explore your vision for your life. Did you answer “yes” here?

Perhaps the most powerful holistic health strategy of all is to create a vision so compelling that you have to stick around to fulfill it!

Read “Create Your Vivid Vision

NEXT STEP – read Abundance and Your Health


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