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What did you come here (to earth) for?

Creating a vision for yourself is what I would consider this website’s biggest “sleeper” trick of the trade for healthy living. With a strong vision, you’re nearly invincible. Without one, you’re a sitting duck.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Sometimes people get the idea that they “should just know” what they were put here on earth to do and if they don’t “just know,” it means they’re “bad.”

That’s ridiculous.

Note the title of this article. Create your vision. It could have just as well have been titled develop or nurture your vision. But I certainly didn’t title the article “Pull your vision out of thin air or go hide under the rug because you’re a loser.” Now did I?

Of course not!

Maybe you're an "early bloomer" ... maybe not ...

There are people who are fortunate enough to have figured out very early in life what they are good at and what they enjoy. Some of those people have nurtured the same vision consistently over the years and enjoyed predictable success in the endeavors of their choice.

From my experiences with people from nearly every walk of life, I would say that those people are very much in the minority.

For most of us, it goes more like this. As a child, you get a little hint of something you really enjoy. Then you go to school and they make you focus on a whole bunch of stuff you may not have talent for, in ways that may or may not match your learning style. By junior high, you’ve long since forgotten whatever advantage you started out with.

Tip: See Word Cures subject chapters #4 (What's the point?) and #11 (I just need to relax) for more.

Erica and the Buffalo

BRRRING! Life calling!

You graduate high school and PRESTO – you’re expected to support yourself. Even if you do remember that you used to enjoy building stuff with Lincoln Logs, you may not make the leap to get a scholarship for architect school. Your “calling” may have not been invented yet. Or you won’t see it until you’ve put your first 2 careers together somehow.

So you get a job at the call center or the assembly plant. You go for the money and become a lawyer or doctor. Or you start raising a family.

Pretty soon you’re 40 and you’ve lost track of your interests (or think it’s “selfish” to “just” do research and write about what you learn – never mind that there’s a corporation somewhere that would pay you big bucks to do it if you knew how to make the connections.)

Does being human make you bad?

Does this sound “bad” to you? It sure doesn’t to me. Just frustrating.

What to do? Create your vision. Develop it. Nurture it. Make it BIG! And then create yourself as healthy enough to carry it out!

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