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Abundance and Your Health

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What's important to you? Do you have plenty of it?

Do you have plenty of the stuff that’s most valuable to you in life? If so, you most likely live in a state of abundance, propserity, or affluence. Each of these states is most often thought to refer to a person’s financial state. Yet they rightfully apply to all of our personal resources.

Abundance is abundance, whether we’re speaking of your bank account, your time, or your life-force energy. Your relationship with abundance, specifically as it relates to the 3 commodities we’ve just identified, has a direct impact on your health. Let’s explore each briefly in turn.

I don't have time for this!

Lack of time is the #1 answer you’ll get when you ask someone how come they didn’t deal with a nagging health maintenance concern before it blew up in their face. No time to exercise, eat right, check their blood sugar, floss, make the doctor appointment, and so on.

We’re all pretty busy these days, and most of us can easily enough get the sentiment behind these statements. But time is one commodity that we all have access to in equal measure.

Since it’s pretty hard to imagine actually getting more time than the next guy has, or more time than you had access to last week, the only conclusion I’ve been able to reach is that some people manage the time they have better than others. [How about you? If you’ve patented the 25-hour day, be sure and email me the link to your website.]

Bottom line, time concerns boil down to prioritization and effectiveness. What you choose to do each day and how effectively you accomplish what you’ve set up. You no doubt know this already but, as we’ve already discussed, knowing and doing are two different things. Word to the wise. Time-related blinds spots are overcome in coaching every day.

Tip: See Word Cures subject chapter #1 (I don't have time for this!) for more.

I'm drained. I just don't have the energy.

Energy becomes more complicated. Since it is a renewable resource, you have more control over your energy than you do over your time. You can influence how it’s accumulated and how it’s expended both. Two great windows of opportunity to enhance your life – if you take the time and effort to figure out the system!

Ironically, people tend to underestimate the effects of over-extending themselves in the area of life-force energy. The obituary pages are filled to the brim with the stories of people who wouldn’t have appeared there until many years down the road if they’d managed their energy even a little more prudently.

Read a few and you’ll notice that our society actually praises people for knocking themselves off early as a result of over-spending this precious commodity. Since I assume you don’t want to show up in that particular section of your local paper any sooner than you need to, I’ll share a few suggestions on the proper managing of your personal energy account:

  1. Giving (or expending) in a way that increases your “energy capital” is good management.
  2. Giving from your “energy dividend” is generous.
  3. Giving your capital away is unconscious suicide.
  • Definition of capital: accumulated goods devoted to the production of other goods (
  • Definition of dividend: a resultant return or reward (

Easy for me to say. But how do you put that system into practice? For most people, there is a learning curve. I’d go so far as to say that few people ever completely “master” their relationship with life-force energy – rather, it’s a life-long skill that improves with practice.

Scotland Church

To get started, consider this. Find a mentor – someone who has greater awareness and application of energy management than you do. Read their books and take their classes. Better yet, join a program that puts you in a position to receive direct objective feedback on applying what they know in your life – until eventually you build your skill enough to become the teacher for someone else.

Tip: See Word Cures subject chapter #21 (I'm drained) for more.

Show me the money already!

Finally that third commodity – the one we can never get quite enough of no matter how hard we try – money. Actually, that’s not completely true. There are people for whom obtaining money is easy. Maybe you’re one of them already. If not, aim to become one, then use your assets wisely. Done with conscience, it will enhance your health.

What? You thought it was more virtuous to make do with less than to get more? Despite what you may have been taught growing up, that is scarcity thinking. And health, in the fullest sense, is all about abundance.

A great resource for enhancing your sense of prosperity and abundance is the free e-book "Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace Wattles. Check out Rebecca Fine's website by following the link. She'll send you the book when you subscribe to her newsletter.

As you come to master financial abundance, your health may prosper for a number of reasons:

  • You’ll be in a position to purchase the health care products and services that you and your dependents require to stay healthy (education, high-quality foods, vitamins and supplements, exercise equipment, and health screenings, to name a few.)

  • You’ll be able to buy your time back from “the man” and spend it in health-promoting activities of your choice, rather than selling yourself to a job that may overlook or suppress your talents. (Note: this doesn’t mean turning into a slug, only that you’ll have the freedom to choose work that enhances your well-being.)

  • You will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your needs and the needs of your family will be taken care of, regardless of the circumstances you may face down the road.

Tip: See Word Cures subject chapter #5 (I don't have the money) for more.

As you can see, practicing abundance in all its various forms is integral to your good health!

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