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So how are you? Really...
When we talk about "state," what we're really asking is "how are you right now?" To take things a step further, we also want to know if how you are is the way you want to be in order to accomplish all the great stuff you have in mind for your life right now. It's not a matter of good or bad. More a matter of what will get you the results you're looking for.

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Here's how this might look in real life:

Situation: Big job interview in the morning. Job of your dreams.

You: Feel discouraged and frustrated. You've been looking for weeks. "They'll never take someone like me for this job," you think. "Why even bother showing up?" To take your mind off things, you hit the bar with your best buds. (Yep. You'll interview great with a hangover.) You are in a state of frustration.

Or You: Are brimming with anticipation. This job really is a good match for someone with your background. A better match, to be quite honest, than anything you've come upon in a while. To make sure you're at your best, you browse through some professional journals over a nice cup of herbal tea, do a little yoga, and pack it in early. Your best "feel good" outfit is neatly pressed. You are in a state of competence and possibility.

Who's more likely to snag the dream job? You in frustration or you in possibility?

See how the same "you" in the same situation might make radically different choices (with radically different end results), depending on how you are? That's the power of managing your state.


You can see that state (in other words, how you are) is a subtle energy that affects your being to the core. It can change with your feelings from moment to moment. And it has an extremely powerful impact on the quality of your life ... on your relationships, your finances, your job, and your health. Fortunately, it is also under your complete control.

How well do you manage your state, day to day? Let's find out.

Let's rate your state!


Imagine yourself in each of the situations listed below. How would you most likely handle things?

1. Crunch time. You should have prepared better for this meeting (or test). Too late now. You (a) panic or (b) breathe deeply to center yourself and draw on your natural wisdom.

(a) represents a state of panic; (b) represents a state of calm. Calm is more effective.

2. For whatever reason, you decided to take up chess as a hobby. Now you've gotten yourself into a tournament. What's your approach? (a) "I'm new," you tell yourself. "I'm not as smart as all the rest of these people. I'm just here to participate." (b) What you may lack in experience, you can make up for in focus. You calm yourself, staying clear and open to creative inspiration.

(a) represents a state of inadequacy; (b) represents a state of clarity. Clarity is more effective.

3. You just lost your job. It's not such a great loss. You were burned out, overworked, and underpaid. But on the positive side, it kept a roof over your head. You've got enough savings to last exactly 2 months. If you're careful. You (a) plunge into despair, draw the blinds, and stare blankly at old movies on the tube or (b) go for a long walk to clear your head, then take out a notebook and begin two lists: first, your best skills and assets; second, anyone you might call to keep an ear to the ground for job leads.

(a) represents a state of despair; (b) represents a state of composure. Composure is more effective.

4. Your first big purchase — a car. You're a little short on cash, though. What's your approach? You (a) sigh and resign yourself to getting a junker or (b) begin brainstorming ways to earn or otherwise ethically get your hands on some extra funds.

(a) represents a state of resignation; (b) represents a state of creativity. Creativity is more effective.


Notice that in each case, one kind of response is likely to leave the participant frustrated and discouraged. The other response will make the participant more resourceful. The same person with the same history in the same situation — yet one is inspired to make empowered choices while the other allows feelings of inadequacy and fear to control his actions.

If you are honestly most likely to take the "high road" — choice B — on a consistent basis, then you're already doing a pretty good job of managing your state in most areas of your life. Think through the major sectors of your life experience: relationships, finances, health, career, recreation, whatever's most important to you. Are you equally empowered in all the areas? Or does one stick out as lacking?

If you're more of a "choice a" kind of person, even in just one teeny little area of your life, then you could benefit from managing your state more effectively.

What might that teeny little area look like? Well, maybe you have a great career, but your relationships are dissatisfying. Maybe you have all the money you're ever likely to need, but you can't keep your weight under control. Or you're totally satisfied with your family life and are in fine physical shape, but it's a struggle to pay your bills, much less save for the future.

Great news!

There are any number of things you can to to create yourself more powerfully. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Affirmation. Identify your most vulnerable situations and affirm the states that empower you. Place your favorite affirmation someplace where you'll see it regularly.
  • Vibrational remedies. Take advantage of vibrational remedies like essential oils (found in some types of bath salts) or Bach Flower Essences to support your desired state. It's easy to do and stress free!
  • Tweak your environment. There are some easy changes you can make around your home, room, or personal environment that will naturally enhance your state. Check out Landscape With Spirit for a whole boatload of suggestions.
  • Empowered self-talk. Eavesdrop on yourself. Then revise your self-talk (that little voice in the back of your head) to be more effective. Learn how with Word Cures.

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