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Does your life interfere with your healthy lifestyle?
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What set Arielle apart was her intention. You can create one, too.

A simple little shift in her thinking set the stage for breakthrough healing results. In a matter of weeks, Arielle's lifelong migraine headaches were just a memory. Explore the essential healing insight that marked the turning point in her journey. You can do it, too. Set the stage for your own Healing Insight.


It'll be fun! Your health awareness will kick in as you make friends with that "crazy little voice" in the back of your head. You'll connect awareness to wisdom to health. Your energy will soar.

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Elizabeth Eckert, Healthy Living Coach
Elizabeth Eckert

Language and Health: Exploring Your Choices

When it comes to the connection between language and health, people sometimes stretch to see how things work. Yet in a world where energy rules, there’s no question that what you say ... the words that circle around both inside and outside of your own mind ... plays an enormous role in creating your state of health. For example, there are those seemingly insignificant day-to-day choices. (Listen to or read the full article below.)

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Language and Health: Exploring Your Choices (.pdf)

Reason, Excuse, or Affirmation?

You say your workout program is going to start tomorrow. When tomorrow becomes today, you either do or don't go to the gym. Later on, you describe your choice to yourself and those around you. Is your description a reason, an excuse, or an affirmation? Or could it even ... somehow ... be all three? How you describe your behavior has everything to do with the results that show up in your life. Let's explore how! (Listen to or read the article below.)

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Reason, Excuse, or Affirmation? (.pdf)

"Affirmation is part of the process you use to create material change in the world through your language."
Enhance your body's natural Healing Energy.

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Your Words Can Heal ... Or Harm.

One of the simplest and most powerful changes any of us can make is to become conscious about the thoughts and words we keep in mind. Thoughts are completely under your own control. No matter what the outside circumstances, you can always choose thoughts that support you...

Each thought you think; each word you speak forms a holographic model for your immune system, the physical tissue of your body, and even your DNA. It's been scientifically documented that DNA activates in response to your perceptions of the environment...

from Word Cures: How to Keep Stupid Excuses from Sabotaging Your Health


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And a weekly gentle reminder.

'Transform Stress' guide:
Sack stressors that steal health —
6 tips
And a weekly gentle reminder.


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Elizabeth Eckert, Healthy Living Coach
Elizabeth Eckert

"Everyday language forms the basis for the energy of your life.
It is one of your most powerful natural resources."

How will you transform your life and health?

Word Cures: How To Keep Stupid Excuses From Sabotaging Your Health
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